What is an Enrichment Cluster?

Enrichment clusters are designed for authentic learning, and a key concept in defining authentic learning is application. Authentic learning consists of applying relevant knowledge, thinking skills, and interpersonal skills to the solution of real problems. These real-life problems share four criteria. First, a real problem requires a personal frame of reference for the individual or group pursuing the problem. In other words, the problem must involve an emotional or internal commitment in addition to a cognitive or scholarly interest. For example, stating that global warming or urban crime are “real problems” does not make them real for an individual or group unless they decide to do something to address the problem.

Every year, students take an interest survey based on what they want to learn about. Data is shared with teachers and Enrichment Clusters are designed. 

Main Building Enrichment Clusters (Grades 2 -5)

Marketing Through the Arts Ms. Bastone/Ms. Graham: Do you love to draw and design artwork that will be admired by all? Why not put that passion to good use? In this cluster, we will be working in small groups to design coloring books geared towards various marketing groups – men, women, and children. Come with your pencil and creativity ready to go!     

Native American Arts & Crafts Ms. Kim & Ms. Hernandez:  Are your parents always asking you to get rid of trash? Do they complain that you have too many unnecessary things in the house? Well, guess what? You can use all of those unwanted materials to create something absolutely beautiful! Native Americans used all their resources to create phenomenal arts and crafts that represented their tribe’s beauty and culture. So join us and create wonderful pieces of art as you learn the history and culture of the Native Americans.       

Lacrosse Club Mr. Farren & Ms. Montes: Come learn about the game of Lacrosse. Learn it’s origin and how this game was used to settle arguments between tribes, all while improvising your speed and focus to reach your goals.    

PS 69 Painters Ms. DeGiacomo & Ms. Meyer : Do you want to leave a lasting legacy here at PS69? If you love to paint and are interested in exploring the different techniques of various artists, join our club and have your artwork live forever hanging on the walls of our school. You will learn different painting techniques used on canvas. As a cluster, we will learn the styles of several famous 20th century artists and create replicas of their artwork. The complete work will be displayed in our hallways for everyone to see. Do you think you can relate to an artist? Do you have as much passion as and artist from the 20th century? This cluster is for you if you want to find your own passion in painting through the techniques and styles of various artists.

Young Author’s Guild: An Author Study Ms. Pastula&Ms. Mehlman: Have you ever dreamed of publishing your very own book in the style of your favorite author? Does the process of creating books fascinate you? If it does, there’s a creative job for you in the Young Author’s Guild. In this cluster we will explore authors of your choice by reading our favorite books to study their styles and techniques. We will even become authors by publishing our own books! Join this cluster and your future career, as a publisher will start early!                                                

Where Have all The Pollinators Gone? Ms. Weingarten/Ms. Hardie: Do you wish you could help the number of pollinators in the environment and help our planets food supply? Join us as we collect data and try to figure out what we should plant in order to increase the bees and butterflies!!!      

PS69, Film Making Ms. Nocerino & Ms. Evaniski :  Have you ever wanted to make an impact on students lives at PS69? What better way to express yourself than creating a Public Service Announcement! This cluster will help taise awareness, change public attitudes and behavior towards social issues focused on/at PS69. Some issues we can focus on are anti-bullying, keeping the earth green and staying healthy. We will create skits and storyboards to help us film, edit and share with our PS69 community.

JP Fashion Design Ms. Muniz/ Ms. Cameron: Do you have a creative eye for fashion? Do you enjoy drawing and coloring? Well then, you should join JP Fashion Design Cluster and let your creativity run wild! In this cluster you will be able to explore the world of fashion in different ways. You can sketch and color your own clothing line for boys and girls. Not into clothing design? We then you can design your own sneakers too! You may even be able to create your own t-shirt design using materials like fabric markers and scissors.  

The Mickey Mouse Club Ms. Ackerman/Ms. Barrios: Everyone has seen a Disney movie. In fact, everyone has a favorite Disney movie. If you love Disney movies or characters then this is the cluster for you! Members of the Mickey Mouse Club will read and write about the actual stories that inspired Disney movies. After reading and analyzing these stories you will get a chance to create your own story and cartoon. Who knows, your story might inspire the next famous Disney Movie!  

Computer Coding Club Mr. Copeland/Ms. Macli: Do you want to learn how to program your own computer games? This cluster will give you the tools to create fun and artistic programs. You will gain experience ewith problem solving, working with others and thinking creatively.

If I Ran the Zoo: Young Naturalist Society Ms. Martin/Ms. Griffin: Calling all future Zookeepers!!! Do you love animals?  Do you want to learn about how animals behave in the wild? Would you like to learn how you could have a career studying all kinds of wildlife?  We will explore how naturalists, ’zookeepers and other wildlife experts learn about all types of animals. We will observe real animals including insects, fish and birds. Our cluster will use the Internet, webcams and nature walks, interviews with scientists and other sources to collect and share our own animal research.

Fighting for the Paws Ms. Daunicht & Ms. Edward: Do you love animals? Join us and we will research an animal advocacy group call ASPCA and what they do to support animals. We will research how to fundraise and what funds support. To raise money we will create artwork of adoptable pets to sell and use proceeds to donate to the ASPCA. If time allows we will research other charities and ways to fundraise. We will also look into what we can do to help animals in our community, such as feral cats (homeless cats)

Reader’s Theater Club Ms. Browno/ Ms. Prempah: Students will write and produce a screenplay that they can perform as part of Reader’s Theater. They will develop plays around common themes and social emotional learning.  Such themes include building community, feelings, listening, assertiveness, problem solving, diversity and making a difference.

Rising Stars Actors Ms. Coluni/ Artists: Calling all actors and actresses! Bring your special moves, your acting voices and creative mind and have some real fun!  

Technology Typers Ms. Scarpinato & Ms. Eunice : Do you want to learn how to type? You can type your own reports, essays, and letters.  We will teach you this important skill that will help you get ready for middle school, high school and college. If you aren’t familiar with locating letters and numbers, we can help you master that skill.