What is an Enrichment Cluster?

Enrichment clusters are designed for authentic learning, and a key concept in defining authentic learning is application. Authentic learning consists of applying relevant knowledge, thinking skills, and interpersonal skills to the solution of real problems. These real-life problems share four criteria. First, a real problem requires a personal frame of reference for the individual or group pursuing the problem. In other words, the problem must involve an emotional or internal commitment in addition to a cognitive or scholarly interest. For example, stating that global warming or urban crime are “real problems” does not make them real for an individual or group unless they decide to do something to address the problem.

Every year, students take an interest survey based on what they want to learn about. Data is shared with teachers and Enrichment Clusters are designed. 

Main Building Enrichment Clusters (Grades 2 -5) ~ 2018 - 2019 School Year

Hot Crops in the Spring! (J. Weingarten, J. Hardie) - Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants in winter? Join us as we test the hypothesis that hot crops can grow in cold weather. This year, our garden will be our science fair project. We will create a mini- greenhouse using recycled bottles and build a wall of water to insulate the soil earlier than usual.

Bringing Story Characters to Life! (J. De Giacomo, K. Meyer) - Have you ever likes a story character so much that you wanted them to come to life? Have you ever wanted to meet a fictional character? Do you enjoy building and exploring different materials? Well, if any of those answers are yes, then, this is the enrichment cluster is for you. In this cluster, you will be introduced to different types of art materials. Through inquiry, exploration and discovery, you will determine which supplies work best with your plan to use them in creating a way to bring story to life. These 3D characters will be displayed in our very own PS 69 Journey Prep.

Coding (Aka Computer Programming) (D. Bastone/E.McQuestion) - Almost every kid plays video games, but how many kids get to make video games? In this coding cluster, you will take on fun, challenging mini games that will teach you how to think like computer scientist. You will learn to collaborate with others, develop problem solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks. You will be able to show off your own creativity by making games that other kids want to play! Join the Coding Club and you can create your own underwater Minecraft World using code!

Journey Prep Fashion Magazine/Website (K. Evaniski/N.Nocerino) - Are you interested in the fashion trends found in the halls of PS 69 Journey Prep? Do you want to be trendy, attend photo shoots and be downright fabulous? This cluster, which is not just for girls will explore fashion magazines and websites and help to discover key characteristics of fashion trends discovered right here at our school.

RECYCL-art (L. Coluni/ Y.Kim) - Are your parents always asking you to get rid of trash? Do they complain you have too many unnecessary things in the house? Well, guess what? You can reuse all those unwanted materials to create something absolutely beautiful! We all know that you’re supposed to reduce, reuse and recycle, but for the artists of PS 69, we will reuse and recycle but in a totally different way to create masterpieces. We will specialize in turning trash into artistic treasures.

Start Spreading the News: Extra, Extra Read all about it! (M. Scarpinato/A.Pastula) - What’s your favorite part of the Newspaper: Sports, World News, Editorials or Comics? Students in this cluster will get to explore the different components of a newspaper and research what it takes to be a 21st Century journalist. Students will choose a role as a news reporter, sportswriter, editorialize, columnist, or cartoonist to help create a PS 69 Journey Prep Newspaper. Join today and start spreading the news!

The Great Debaters! (Gr8 Deb8trs) (J. Copeland/L.Macli) - Do you like to argue your point/claim? Do you dream of one day being a lawyer or politician? Sharpen your skills at the PS 69 Debate Club. Together, we will research issues that matter to kids by brainstorming reasons and finding different evidence that supports our argument. We will prepare clear, persuasive presentations. Finally, we will practice our debate skills by arguing against each other in a positive friendly environment.

The Most Magnificent Inventions (M. Gagliardi/L.Edwards) - What do you do with a problem? Are you interested in making something that has never been created before? Well, get ready young inventors because in this cluster, you will use your creativity and experiences to create a new invention. You will research past inventions and develop a plan for new inventions to make life easier!

Yearbook: Snapshotting Our Year! (E. Ackerman/K.Browno) - Yearbooks are full of pictures and writing to tell stories of a lifetime! EVERYONE has a unique story to tell! In this cluster, we will explore different ways to collect memories, writings, and photos to create a literary time capsule for our class of 2019. Together, we will collect, design and layout a book of memories.

JP Fashion Designers (V.Muniz/Y.Diaz) - JP Fashion students are the next generation of fashion designers! In this club, you will learn cool ways to work with fabrics, markers, stencils, gems, paint and recyclable items too! You will take measurements, cut glue, and color while using your imagination and working with your peers in your design room! You will have a chance to measure, cut, and design clothes the way that you want. Get ready because you will be prepared for a career in the fashion industry.

Mindful Minds: Yoga, Meditation and Movement (E. Griffin/C.Gonzalez) - Strong minds make strong kids! Just like people who work out their muscles, make strong bodies, those who work out their minds make strong and sharp witted individuals who will be prepared for anything. In this cluster, students will practice Yoga, Meditation and Movement techniques and it will allow them to create mindfulness.

Lacrosse (B.Farren/M.Montes) - Settle disputes on the field just like Native Americans did. Learn to work as a team and use these skills to help in your everyday life. Be part of this amazing experience as you learn important techniques of the Lacrosse sport, receive step-by step support and grow as an athlete on the PS 69 Journey Prep Lacrosse Team!

Snapshot Students (J. Nash/D. Brown) - Would you like to work with a camera? In this cluster you will explore the elements and principles of art through a camera lens. Capture beautiful images with your creative eye by making still art with a camera. Say “cheese” and get ready to tell the stories of our lives!

Social Justice Stars with Rising City Stars!  (Consultant/E.Padilla) - Get ready for a fun learning experience that teaches stage and life skills and social justice through games and activities, individual coaching, and actual performances on the stage of life! The cluster focuses on developing the students' own creativity, building self-confidence, improving reading comprehension and speaking ability, accepting responsibility, and teamwork.

Don't Drop the Ball (Basketball) (J.Rampersad/M. Guzman) - Are you ready to be a leader on the court as well as one in life? Join this amazing cluster for more than just the joy of playing basketball. In this cluster, you will be learn to be part of an amazing team that teaches you life-long skills that will make you college and career ready! Coaching, Sportsmanship, Confidence, Responsibility, Hard work and Teamwork are just some of the skills you will gain being part of this team! Join today!

Book Making for Authors (C.Schlesinger/J.Reid) - Do you love writing stories? Do you draw illustrations on the corner of your notebook pages? It is time that you see your hard work on the pages of a real, live book. Let’s make it happen by creating stories to publish like real life authors.

Journey Prep PLayer's Present Mulan Jr. (Acevedo, Mirvil and Lisojo)