Reggio Emilia inspired program


The Reggio Emilia philosophy was infused throughout the lower grades with the assistance of a consultant who continually underscored a constructivist approach to building a child-centered curriculum. This curriculum invokes a students’ natural curiosity in response to their natural environment as well as gives the student independent direction in self learning. Our program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and we share the following beliefs.

§  The Image of the child: children are strong, intelligent and capable from birth

§  The Role of the parents: Parents are considered to be an essential component of our programming.

§  The Physical Environment: We pay special attention to the design and aesthetics of the space. The life of the school and the work of the children are made visible through documentation displayed on the walls, which effectively communicates our values for children and adults.

§  Professional Development: Teachers are researchers and collaborators. They meet often to discuss their observations and interpretations of the children’s work and growth. The results of these observations serve as catalysts of curriculum development and change.

§  Pedagogy: Education is defined as research. Educators work as partners in learning with the children. Curriculum is based on interests of the children within context of the New York State and Common Core State Standards. It values their capabilities, encourages creative thinking, problem solving and children to express their thoughts and listen to the thoughts of others. Diverse materials support emergent literacy and numeracy.

Created on 4/26/2011 - Last updated on 5/4/2014